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DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A
DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A
DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A
DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A
DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A
DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A

DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A

  • E1 approval
  • Resistant to vibration and shock
  • High efficiency> 87%
  • Very low self-consumption of 0.2 mA
  • Input voltage: 18V - 32V DC

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DC/DC Voltage converter IVT 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18 A


Recommended use:




Highly efficient voltage converter with additional output connection -
safe, constant, shock- resistant.


The number of electronic devices used in vehicles is steadily increasing. These are generally designed for 12 V, e.g. Entertainment electronics, navigation systems, cooling boxes and much more. In order to be able to operate these 12 V loads also in board systems with 24 V, the use of a DC / DC voltage converter is mandatory.


IVT switch mode voltage transformers were developed to provide a higher 24 V Voltage system into a lower 12 V-System. The highly efficient electronics guarantee a trouble-free and safe operation of 12 V DC devices.


The 18 A DC / DC voltage converter also has a second, switchable 12 V DC output.


All IVT converters are shock-resistant. The encapsulated electronics as well as the robust metal housing guarantee a long-term use under the harshest conditions. All current protective circuits are integrated as standard. The fixed installation in vehicles with road approval is permitted due to the E-approval.


Recommended use:

Ideal for permanent use in construction machines, trucks, travel coaches, forklift trucks, in agricultural and forestry vehicles, motor boats and sailing boats, as well as for camping and mobile homes, also in connection with 24 V solar systems or wind power.


The most important characteristics and features:

  • E1-approval
  • Resistant to vibration and shock
  • High efficiency> 87%
  • Very low power consumption 0.2 mA
  • Input voltage: 18 V - 32 V DC
  • 2 outputs, one of them can be switched
  • Stabilized output voltage
  • Current rating up to 20A
  • Standard protection mechanisms
  • Combined connector for input and output
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install


Delivery content:

  • DC/DC voltage converter 24 V / 2 x 12 V, 18A
  • Operating instructions DE, GB, FR, NL
Technical data
Rated voltage 24 V DC
Voltage range 18 V - 32 V DC
Fuse 20 A
Current consumption 0,2 mA
Control input yes
Voltage for control input > 3,6 V
Connection socket input AMP JPT 966140-4, 9-polig
Output voltage, neutral 14,0 V (+ 1 %)
Output current (max.) 18 A (20 A für 0,5 h)
Ripple 100 mVpp
Connection socket output AMP FASTIN-FASTON Typ F
Output terminals 2 (1 x activated via control input)
Connection socket output AMP JPT 966140-4, 9-polig
Operating status display no
Efficiency > 97 %
E1-certification yes
Protection type IP 20
Housing Aluminium
Dimensions 144 x 80 x 37 mm
Weight 0,4 kg


Stable and constant output voltage:

Input voltage range from 18 V DC to 32 V DC, the IVT voltage converter reliably delivers a stabilized and constant output voltage of 13.8 V.This output voltage can be used as a power supply for various 12 V consumers, e.g. Entertainment electronics, navigation systems or cooling boxes.


Switchable 12 V DC output:

By means of the additional switchable 12 V DC output, it is ensured, for example, in a vehicle that the loads connected here are active only when the engine is running. Thus, unnecessary power consumption and a load on the starter battery can be avoided.



The encapsulated electronics guarantee long-term operation under the most adverse conditions. Even with constant shocks and vibrations, e.g. in large construction machines, the voltage transformer works absolutely reliably and safely. The DC / DC voltage transformer has been tested by an official body according to EN 60068-2-6 / 14/64/27.


Very high efficiency - minimum own power consumption:

Due to the efficient technical design, the efficiency of the 18 A version is > 87 % and the stand by current can be reduced to a minimum of 0.2 mA.


Robust and compact metal housing:

Thanks to the ingenious design, the converter is particularly compact. The robust aluminum housing also provides optimum protection against impacts and damage from the outside. Stable mounting is possible thanks to the holes in the bottom plate.


Standard protection circuits

This voltage converter is equipped with all common protection circuits naturally integrated as standard. The device is protected against polarity reversal Short circuit protected at input and output. In case of an overload, the Output voltage is automatically reset at constant current. Should nevertheless the vehicle fuse is triggered, it can be exchanged quickly and easily in case of need.


Application in 24 V Solar off-grid systems:
Even with an existing 24 V solar off-grid system, the use of an IVT voltage transformer is recommended to reduce the voltage to 12 V. This means that existing or inexpensive 12 V devices can be used without any problems.


Thanks to the E-approval, this converter is suitable for permanent installation in a wide range of vehicles with 24 V vehicle voltage. The scope of application therefore ranges from construction site vehicles, forklift trucks, touring busses, snowmobiles to trucks and motor homes and boats.