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Our recommendations: Inverters

Digital Sine Wave Inverter IVT DSW-1200, 12 V, 1200 W

  • High peak output power 2400 W
  • Standby function
  • Galvanic isolation
  • E-mark certification

€ 478,00

Sine Wave Inverter IVT SW-100, 12 V, 100 W

  • True sine wave alternating voltage 230 V/50 Hz
  • 12 V adapter for car use
  • 5-fold output current during start-up phase

€ 93,45

- 21 %

Sine Wave Inverter Studer AJ 400-48, 48 V, 300 W

  • Output voltage 230 V/300 W
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Standby function
  • Good overload management
  • 5 years warranty

€ 391,50 € 309,00

Power Station PS-300 with integrated inverter

  • Portable power supply
  • 230 V AC, max. 300 W output voltage
  • 12 V DC output socket max. 10 A
  • High quality AGM 12 V/20 Ah battery

€ 379,00

Bestseller: Mobile Light

LED Work Lamp IVT PL-850,
3 W

  • 3 W LED illuminant
  • Runtime of up to 20 h
  • Rechargeable
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Protection type IP 44

€ 79,00

- 8 %

Hand Lamp IVT PL-838 LB,
Halogen 10 W + LED, 150 lm

  • 10 W halogen bulb + LED
  • Focusable
  • Up to 30 h operation time
  • Emergency light function
  • Protection type IP 54

€ 59,95 € 54,95

LED Flashlight LED Lenser M7, battery-powered

  • Award-winning design
  • 280 m beam distance
  • Burning life up to 35 h
  • 8 lighting functions
  • Focusable with one hand

€ 74,00

SEO 5 red

  • Low weight - only 105 g
  • Beam distance up to 120 m
  • Dimmable
  • Protection class IPX6
  • Battery operated

€ 46,80

Our recommendations: Chargers

High frequency charger CTEK MXS 5.0, 12V/5A

  • Desulfation
  • Recondition discharged batteries
  • Splash proof and dust proof (IP65)
  • 8-stage - LED charging indicator
  • Temperature compensated

€ 98,00

Automatic Charger IVT 4.5 A PL-C004P

  • Winter mode with higher cut-off voltage 14.7 V
  • Special motorcycle mode for small 6 V and 12 V lead batteries
  • Reactivation discharged batteries

€ 49,95

Automatic Charger IVT 1 A PL-C001P

  • For 6 V, 12 V and 24 V lead batteries
  • Reactivation of deep-discharged batteries
  • Trickle charge function
  • Handy, compact, budget-priced

€ 29,80

Lead Battery Charger Ansmann ALCT 6-24/10

  • For 6 V, 12 V and 24 V lead batteries
  • Operation voltage 230 V AC/50 Hz
  • Battery capacity 4,5 - 240 Ah
  • High quality battery clamps
  • Electronically protected

€ 84,00

SALE - Darkbuster Diving Lamps
- 67 %

HID Darkbuster 24W

  • Waterproof up to 60 m
  • Salt water-resistant
  • 24 W HID light source
  • Over 2 h operation time
  • Rechargeable

€ 599,00 € 195,00

- 60 %

HID Darkbuster Junior 12W

  • Waterproof up to 90 m
  • Salt water-resistant
  • 12 W HID light source
  • Over 4 h operation time
  • Rechargeable

€ 399,00 € 159,00

- 66 %

Darkbuster LED-5

  • Waterproof up to 100 m
  • High quality aluminum housing
  • Super-bright 5 W LED (370 lm)
  • Salt water-resistant
  • Rechargeable

€ 149,00 € 49,95

- 69 %

Darkbuster LED-3 mit 10° Linse

  • Waterproof up to 100 m
  • High quality aluminum housing
  • Super-bright 3 W LED (250 lm)
  • 3 different operation modes
  • Salt water-protected

€ 129,00 € 39,95

Mains-independent energy supply for abroad: ampanat connects electrical devices with mobile and stationary mains-indepentent energy source

ampanet offers high quality products for an autarchic and mobile power supply to the benefit of vehicle owners, home owners, craftsmen and technical staff. With mobile energy sources ampanet ensures that even when travelling or in applications on a construction site home appliances, consumer electronics, electrical tools and machines can be operated independent from the mains. For this purpose ampanet equips cars, trucks, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles and more with the suitable inverters, battery chargers, voltage converters and power supplies. For homes, garden plots and boats ampanet offers energy saving building/domestic technology and above all solar technology. The autarchic solar systems allow the operation of conventional home appliance without the availability of a mains source. The mains independent energy supply by ampanet can also be employed in situations of crisis and catastrophes, when emergency support shall occur despite power failure. If mobile light is required, offers mobile light sources for rescue forces, but also hand lamps and work lamps for professional use in the workshop, on the construction site as well as for leisure activities.

Inverters for the mobile energy supply

Inverters are used whenever a 230V appliance shall be used with a 12V car battery or a 24V battery for trucks and utility vehicles. Modern digital sine wave inverters convert the 12V respectively the 24V DC voltage into true 230V sine wave AC voltage. Extensive protective provisions ensure that electrical tools, coffee makers but also sensitive electrical consumers such as laptops, TV sets or mini satellite dishes may be supplied in a power-safe, trouble-free and mobile way.

DC voltage converters for mobile homes, trucks and utility vehicles

ampanet voltage converters allow for connecting a 12V electrical unit to a 24V battery. For a mains-independent energy supply the voltage converter will be connected between the battery of a truck, mobile home or utility vehicle and the electrical consumer. This way, a navigation device or a TV may be used or allows you to charge your mobile phone while on the road. Synchronized ampanet voltage converters are protected against overload and short circuit.

Battery chargers for utility vehicles, motorcycles, convertibles and classic cars

ampanet battery chargers are special: the mode trickle charge ensures that seasonally operated vehicles such as motorcycles, convertibles or classic cars are always ready to use. As specialized consignor for battery chargers ampanet offers partially switchable battery chargers for 2V, 6V and 12V batteries. The battery chargers are suitable for lead and calcium batteries. The premium battery chargers by ampanet for 12V and 24V are equipped with a robust housing (IP65 and IP 68) and are thus suitable for heavy-duty use in extreme situations in trucks, construction vehicles, tractors and agricultural vehicles. Special requirements may be satisfied by individually uploadable charging programs.
Many battery chargers by ampanet are equipped with summer and winter mode. Even deep discharged batteries may be reactivated with the boost function.

Solar technology for a mains-independent energy supply

ampanet solar isle systems supply energy to DC and AC voltage consumers. This solar technology is intended to supply energy independent of the conventional mains to summer houses, camping sites, far off lodges and boats, . The IVT solar sets consist of at least one mono-crystalline solar panel, a solar battery as well as a solar charge controller. Upgraded by a digital sine wave inverter, mppt- or mppt plus solar controller, a WEB-box and/or RF remote control by IVT, the solar system may be comfortably monitored and controlled.

Portable lighting for camping, workshop, construction site and rescue operation

In ampanet's offer you will find high performance IVT halogen lamps, LED hand lamps and LED work lamps. These portable lamps provide up to 5 hours of super bright or punctually precise light as they are equipped with high quality Li-Ion rechargeable batteries and Luxeon LEDs. The portable lamps by ampanet are suitable for the use on construction sites, in the workshops, for rescues tasks, for camping,hunting and much more. Ampanet hand lamps are equipped with shock-resistant, splash water resistant (IP 54) and partially even with water resistant (IP 67) housing. In case of danger of explosion ampanet recommends the use of an EX-certified lamp.

Lighting products for outdoors and while on the move

At ampanet gardening enthusiasts may find high quality standing lamps, wall lamps and path lights made from stainless steel or aluminum which are optionally available with or without sockets. ampanet's range also contains LED-in-ground lamps and under water spot lights. Mains-independent (off-grid) solar lamps may be installed subsequently without difficulties. For mobile homes, summer houses and boats customers may find LED lamps for 12V, 24V and 230V mains voltage in the ampanet shop.

Saving energy with home technology by ampanet

ampanet home technology assists home owners in savingheating and energy costs. This is done by means of electronic heating controls, remote controls for gates as well as economycontrols for circulation pumps. In the workshop, ampanet's speed regulator ensures optimum torques. Starting current limiters support craftsmen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts in their work. They start electrical tools without impairment of the system fuse. Further available are most efficient ultrasonic cleaners and mini air dehumidifier, operated via conventional mains socket.

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